Tucson Graffiti Removal Program

Tucson Graffiti Removal Program

Preventing graffiti isn’t easy. Some artists see a blank wall or building and think its their canvas. But homeowners and property owners can possibly deter graffiti by making their property an unattractive choice. Keeping a watchful eye on your surroundings is also an option.


Reporting Graffiti
Placing graffiti on public or private property is a crime. Dial 911 to report a graffiti crime in process. For graffiti that’s already complete, Tuscon residents can contact the graffiti removal program at 792-2489. Reporting incidents is important because once an area has graffiti more will follow.

Removal Requests
Here’s some information for calling in requests for graffiti removal.

1. Provide the address and actual placement of the graffiti. For example, say you’re reporting graffiti at 8294 East Speedway. The address isn’t enough. You need to also provide details about the graffiti. For example, say the graffiti is painted in black on the garage door of a public building. Failing to provide specific information will result in the denial of your request. The Tuscon graffiti removal program only removes graffiti within city limits.

2. Alley graffiti will be removed only if it’s located on a corner house. And the location of that house must be no more than 50 feet into the alley. If there is graffiti more than 50 feet into the alley, then the homeowner or property owner is responsible for its removal.

3. The graffiti removal program provides services for specific locations. The following locations are excluded: construction sites and construction equipment, parks, schools, building interiors, and ADOT property (such as freeway safety walls). Billboards, cars, second-level surfaces or higher, and private property not publicly visible is excluded as well. Locations with restricted access are also excluded. For example, graffiti that appears on a wall behind a locked gate would not be marked for removal.

4. For Tuscon locations not served by the graffiti removal program, you have the following options: Sun Tran customer service deals with bus stop graffiti. Reach them by dialing customer service at 792-9222. For graffiti outside of city limits, report it to Pima County by calling 792-8224. For ADOT property, report graffiti by calling 388-4200.

5. A property owner can try to remove the graffiti from their property. Washing it off or painting over it sometimes works. You can get assistance by calling 792-2489. But if you try to paint over the graffiti, and the paint becomes blotched, the city won’t be able to help.

It’s also possible to report graffiti by using a free application called MyTucson. The city of Tucson joined with Phoenix Graffiti Removers Miracle Maintenance and in Tucson Protective Coatings to create the application. Download the app for free from the iPhone App Store and Android Market.