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The Efficient Home Program

Efficient Home Program Make your home safe, comfortable and energy-efficien

Efficient Home Program
Make your home safe, comfortable and energy-efficien

was created to make your home a more safe, comfortable and energy-efficient one. Your home’s heater and air conditioner systems account for most of the energy your home uses. If your systems are not operating properly or are too old, you could find yourself with appliances that are wasting you a lot of money and energy. They can also cost you the ability to live comfortably in your home.

The Efficient Home Program from TEP was created to help homeowners reduce the amount of energy they use to heat and cool their homes. This allows people to spend less money on their utility bills and keep more of their hard-earned money in their pockets.

If you decide to purchase a new Energy Star air conditioning system and have it installed by one of TEP’s authorized contracting companies, they will offer you instant rebates to recoup some of the costs. Customers may also be eligible for rebates if they choose to purchase the installation of smart programmable thermostats, have their Tucson home air ducts sealed or get AC unit tune-up services.

In order to be eligible for these rebates, all of the installation work needs to be completed by a TEP Tucson contractor who is authorized for the Efficient Home Program. These contractors are held to strict guidelines for quality during the testing, inspection and the installation of equipment customers purchase. This is necessary to make certain everything is installed properly and working the way it should be. All equipment needs to perform at a high standard for energy efficiency.

Before hiring a contractor to perform the installation of your new Energy Star equipment, please verify they are an authorized TEP contractor before services are started. If you do not, you will not be eligible for the rebates. If you are looking for an authorized contractor to hire, there is a list of participating TEP contractors to choose from. The rebates can range from $25 to $375. The amount you get in rebates will depend on the services and equipment you purchase.