Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Tucson Birthday Parties on a Budget

Think back to when you were a child and had a birthday party. Many of those happy memories probably were in your own backyard playing pin the tail on the donkey or swing at a pinata. As birthday parties become more and more extravagant they also break the bank.

Many places in Tucson, will help you to host your child’s next birthday party the in the same memory-making way you had as a child. Many residents enjoying using their own indoor or outdoor spaces instead of spending money on a party rental, especially when they realize that the kids just want to run around. Check out these five party ideas that will keep you on a budget, but also give your child a birthday they will remember.

Backyard Games
If you have a child with a summer birthday having a water-themed birthday is a great way to keep the kids cool. Relay races through the sprinkler, slip and slide races and water balloon tosses are affordable and fun. During the cooler months, you could carve pumpkins, bob for apples and play scarecrow decorating games.

Next Top Chef
Do you have a budding chef in the house? Host a pizza party where the kids make their own pizzas and have all of the kids taste and then judge who the winner for the best pizza award goes to, awarding a small prize to the winner.

Bring in the Entertainment
If you are feeling stressed out about entertaining kids for the afternoon, consider bringing in someone to do the entertaining. There are many local artisans who will work for a decent price. You can also reach out to your community center or library and ask for the names of balloon artists, clowns, face painters or a magician. An even better idea? Maybe there is an aunt or an uncle who would dress up and play that part.

Pick a Theme of Gifts
Everyone loves to dress up, even the grown-ups. Pick a theme and have everyone wear a costume. You can build your games and even decorate cookies that match your theme. For example: if you host a 70’s party, the kids can dress like hippies, plays Beetles music and eat cookies that are shaped like flowers or mail an empty envelope prank like at Glitter Bomb Mail. Don’t forget to play Twister, have a Hula Hoop contest or play a game like pin the butterfly on the flower.

Backyard Movie
If the budget and the weather allow for it, think about renting or buying a projector and hosting a movie night in your backyard if its not winter time. There are many affordable projectors for under $100 online. Pin up a large white sheet, serve some popcorn and candy, watch a family-friendly movie and you have yourself a party. You could even incorporate costumes that go with the movie. Depending on the group, age, and size of the party goers you could even have the kids stay the night for a slumber party with pancakes in the morning.